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vvtechsol provides the best web development services in UK. We delivers astonishing website designs for companies at every stage of their growth, custom-tailored to their specific needs.
While taking advantage of the latest technologies, we provide the best web development services. We design and create innovative, appealing, and secure website layouts built to last.
We have a team of top web developers; they will help you with their entrepreneur level skills. Furthermore, they come up with the product ideas for your initial stage of the business that can take the form of a carefully designed web development. In addition, it enables you to innovate and solve real business problems to disrupt established markets.
On the other hand, our web development team takes your established business to the next level of success, an initiative to streamline your organization's operational workflows and benefit significantly from a bespoke web application. It works well when off-the-shelf solutions are too generic or rigid.

Please have a look at the following services we are offering to our prestigious clients.

1-Web developer.
4-Responsive design.
7-Testing and debugging.
8-Back-end basics.
9-Search engine optimization.

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Website Technicalities

Frequently I find myself thinking of new and simple ways to explain some pretty complicated web development concepts to our clients. I have analyzed that the ideas are not hard to grasp; however, all the other terminology is tough to keep in the liner. Therefore, this is my attempt to explain some standard terminology in today’s modern web world; it will also help you make decisions.

Web development is conduct by a vast set of rules and techniques every website developer should realize. However, whether you want a website to seem and function as you desire them to, you need to get friendly with web technologies to help you achieve your goal.

 Developing an app or a website usually comes down to knowing three main languages: JavaScriptCSS, and HTML. Also, while it sounds pretty complicated, once you understand what you are searching for, at that moment, web technology and its works become significantly easier.

 It's not an easy task for you to get aware of immediately. You may need extra time, training, and patience to dive deeper into the design of your choice, but you’ll eventually end up with a better understanding.

We vvtechsole presents you with an introduction to web technologies and their technicalities, hoping it will make things at least a bit effortless for you. Let's start.


Browsers are the interpreters of the web world. First, they request information; furthermore, they appear on the page in a format we can see and acknowledge when they receive it.

  • Google Chrome - Currently, the most famous browser brought to you by Google.
  • Safari - Apple’s web browser is safari.
  • Firefox - Open-source browser subsidized by the Mozilla Foundation.
  • Internet Explorer - Microsoft’s browser. You will often hear web developers complaining about this one.


HTML is a markup language. It furnishes the structure of a website so that web browsers know what to show.


CSS is a Cascading Style Sheet. It lets web designers change colors, fonts, animations, and transitions on the web. In conclusion, they make the web look amazing.

4-Program Languages

Programming languages are ways to commune with computers and tell them what to do. There are different programming languages. Top web developers typically are just proficient at a couple; thus, they promote those more than others. Some of the languages are below.

  • JavaScript - Generally used by all web browsers, Meteor, and lots of other frameworks.
  • Python -used by the Django framework and used in a lot of mathematical calculations.
  • PHP - used by WordPress.
  • Go - newer language, built for speed.
  • Swift - Apple’s latest programming language.
  • Java - Used by Android (Google) and a lot of desktop applications.


The database is where all your data is stored. Similar to a wardrobe of filing cabinets with folders consisted of files. The database is mainly in two flavors: SQL and NoSQL. SQL performs more structure which helps to make sure all the data is correct and validated. On the other hand, NoSQL provides a lot of flexibility for building and maintaining applications.

  • MongoDB - is an open-sourced NoSQL database, so it is currently the only database supported by Meteor.
  • Redis - is the most famous key-value store. However, it is lighting fast for retrieving data; however, it doesn’t allow for much depth in the data storage.
  • PostgreSQL - is the most in-demand open-sourced SQL database.
  • MySQL - is another liked open-sourced SQL database. MySQL is used in WordPress websites.
  • Oracle - is an enterprise SQL database.
  • SQL Server - is an SQL server manager created by Microsoft.


Frameworks are built to assemble buildings, and working with programming languages easier. Frameworks usually take all the difficult, repetitive tasks to set up a new web application and either does them for you or make them very easy for you to do.

  • Node.js - a server-side JavaScript framework
  • Django - a full-stack framework built using python
  • Ionic - a mobile framework
  • PhoneGap / Cordova - a mobile framework that exposes natives API's of iOS and Android for use when writing JavaScript
  • Bootstrap - a UI (user interface) framework used to build HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Foundation - a UI framework also for building with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • WordPress - a CMS built on PHP. Currently, about 20% of all websites run on this framework
  • Drupal - a CMS framework built using PHP.
  • .NET - a full-stack framework built by Microsoft
  • Angular.js - a front-end JavaScript framework.
  • Ember.js - a front-end JavaScript framework.
  • Backbone.js - a front-end JavaScript framework.

7-Client (or Client-side)

A client is one user of an application. For example, it’s you and me when we visit http://google.com. The clients can use desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices. There are usually multiple clients interacting with the same application stored on a server.

 8-Server (or Server-side)

The server is where the application code is usually stored. Requests are made to the server from our clients; furthermore, the server will gather all the appropriate information and respond to those requests.


The front-end is a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That is the interface where the website is shown to users.


The back-end contains your server and database. It is where functions, methods, and data manipulation happen that you don’t want the clients to see.

Thanks for reading, in addition to I hope you found amazing information about web development here. That gave you a new direction to think about also talk about web technicalities. Thus, there are multiple reasons behind saying that we provide the best web development services in UK. It was not meant to be an all-encompassing list but rather a way to talk about all the great technologies. Moreover, we trust our hired top web developers who have all the skills at their fingertips.


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